Advanced Implant Therapy

Many patients who want to get their implants done may not have sufficient amount of bone available. We understand your quick desire to get implant and hence Bhavna Dental Clinic provides many advanced implant solutions. Dr. Dipen Shah, who is the chief implantologist, has done hundreds of implant cases in compromised bone condition with a great success. He’s one of the few certified sinus surgeon present in the country. If you feel, your case is complex or if your local dentist has refused to do implant, kindly get implant evaluation done from us.
Computerized 3D Implant Planning for Accuracy
Bhavna Dental Clinic uses a state-of-the-art dental implant planning software for an accurate implant planning. Before an implant placement in patient’s mouth, virtual surgery is performed on computer and all the errors that could happen during the surgery are identified and further complications are avoided.
This also reduces an overall treatment time and increases the perfection.

Sinus Bone Grafting for Upper Jaw Implants
The height of bone in the back part of the upper jaw is usually insufficient to place the appropriate implant length. Therefore, in order to increase the amount of bone, a bone graft is performed within the maxillary sinus.
Being a certified sinus surgeon, Dr Dipen shah has performed many sinus graft procedures successfully. We are using highly specialized motorized sinus kit (CAS-kit) by Osstem. This kit ensures predictable sinus grafting without any complication. It also reduces the treatment time and patients are spared from unpleasant tapping sound.
Platelet Rich Fibrin Technique
Bioengineering research has found that platelets produce growth factors that can stimulate bone growth. This technique involves harvesting the patient’s platelets and mixing it with the bone graft. By using the plasma rich in platelets with the graft, the bone is greater in quality and quantity. Also, less time is needed for bone maturation.
Before the procedure, we obtain 50cc to 60cc of blood. The blood is centrifuged and the plasma rich in platelets is collected. This plasma is then mixed with the bone graft that is needed to augment the area for the future implant.
By using this technique, we have found that the bone grafts are much better and the wounds heal quicker with less discomfort.