Dental Tourism

What is Dental Tourism?
Dental Tourism is rather defined as a traveling plan in order to seek the superior and affordable dental treatments, surgeries and other suitable procedures. The main purpose of dental tourism is to cut off the costs of treatments that the patient would probably incur in his or her own country with possibly more expensive treatment options. Dental tourism in India strives high in terms of offering more promising dental therapies in consideration with patient’s relief and financial comfort. In India, there is a huge pool of expert dentists, the world-class infrastructures and industry-grade technologies set to serve people from every corner of the world with dental problems of any sort.
Why Dental Tourism in India?
Dental Tourism in India establishes around 10 percent of the total medical tourism shares with approximately 30% hike in number of patients coming in to seek dental treatments by the year of 2015. Dentistry with locally and internationally trained dentists, periodontists is quite well versed with advanced dental procedures such as dental implants, root canal treatments, reshaping/contouring, dental cosmetic treatments and many more, at reasonable prices. Dental traveling is much practiced with suitable dental experience, smooth transportation and convenient accommodation options as well as vacationing India with beautiful terrains, cultural richness and pleasant inhabitants.
Recognize India
India is the largest democracy over the globe, located in the South Asia being surrounded by India Ocean and Arabian Sea on the south-west. India possesses the most attractive demography being ranked as the seventh biggest country in size and prosperous commercial and cultural treasure. Ancestral heritages, diversified societies, multilingual locales are truly an additional beauty to it. Geological charm, blue beaches, wildlife sanctuaries is pretty amazing to feel. The road, water and air transportation system is fantastically attained with state-of-the-art interconnectivity. India is certainly a great combination of kindness, nature and peace that would ever fill one with feelings of happiness and fulfillment.
Important Reasons before Considering Your Dental Tourism
Depending upon the type of dental treatments sought for and the country you are coming from and going to, an overall dental treatment costs are considered. Definitely, a big fraction of dollars, euro or pound is going to be saved off on your decision to going abroad for dental tourism. For one belonging to any developed country (with higher currency rates), the costs would more likely be varying as per the healthcare programs selected, prescriptions offered, insurances covered, hospitals lodged in and other relevant facilities consumed. In USA, expenses for some dental treatments and surgeries are staying around nearly 30 to 40 percent to an income of elderly, retired people.

In contraction of, there are many other treatment options available at much competitive rates abroad. Thousands of patients now seem to have traveled through many foreign countries to have their dental treatments done. Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand etc. are amongst those that are widely welcoming many patients around the world with excellent dental treatments offered.

It is said that the intended costs to such places for airfare, hospital stay, treatments and other expedition plans are far lower than the prices that might have been incurred in native countries for any dental tourists. As much as 50% to 60% cost is believed to be saved on a journey to dental tourism.

Quality Treatments
The dental treatments offered abroad usually remains within great excellence. Facilities, amenities, technologies, infrastructure, customer service are provided inside rich parameters and international standards. Government authorities in countries like India have spent tremendous efforts and funds to enrich services related to dental tourism. The class dentists, dental associations and other augmented dentistry departments are always after achieving the best possible dental treatments with an ever invented new treatments and techniques to be utilized.
Other Facilities and Amenities
Variable choices of dentists, hospitals and clinics and classes of in-patient suites are outstanding. Comforts like airport pickup, lounge escorts, meals and other suitable facilities for patients and accompanying persons are delivered as well. In many cases, it is seen that the patients can remain in direct touch with their dentists via their personal contact numbers to remain comfortable for their targeted or operated treatments.
Vacationing Purpose
What’s ahead in dental tourism? An international, life-changing and memorable journey is the most sought-after facility that one would always wish to avail, in addition to the dental treatment pursued. Cheapest treatment options and welcoming governments will bring you an ever pleasurable foreign trip, all at the prices that you would have left deducting from the total costs of your dental tourism, seemingly more affordable comparing with the costs to be incurred in one’s native country.
Breaking Local Limitations
Patients in their countries with dental insurance plans may more likely include their coverage for dental care, cosmetic surgeries, prosthetic dentistry and many other pre-operative and post-operative steps. Unfortunately, some of them have ended up with less fulfilling health plans. Many treatments would most likely require funding from their pockets and may also turn out to be much expensive. Several policies have constraints on specific treatments, prescriptions, postoperative care and especially in the case of other expensive options.

Same way, taking doctor’s appointments and having their follow-ups suitably is also a big hassle in some countries. Pre and post treatments are scheduled as per an availability of healthcare providers and coverage offered by the insurance plans. Treatments hunted overseas may eliminate the abovementioned restrictions, offering the suitable treatment options at right time, at affordable prices.

Dental Treatments Sought The Most
A wide range of dental treatments is always handy. It may include from non-invasive treatments to invasive surgeries, covering procedures like Dental Implants, Root Canal Treatment, Crown and Bridges. Cosmetic dentistry is also the subject of expertise to revive one’s teeth life, bringing them dynamic smile and rich oral health. One can also benefit from routine dental procedures like teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, reshaping and contouring etc. Restorative and reconstructive dental treatments are practiced with superior prostheses used within the procedures that are usually of the topmost surgical brands, being available to patients as per choices given to them by their dentists.
Dental Tourism Facts
Medical tourism usually flows from high-income nations to low-cost developing countries, offering all healthcare solutions.US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and many developed countries are traveling through Hungary, Turkey, Thailand, India etc. for dental solutions.

For example, the costs of porcelain veneer in Australia is around 2500 AUD; whereas in India, the same treatment will costs approximately 1200 AUD or less. Dental implants that are worth nearly $4000 in United States, $3500 in United Kingdom, $2500 in Europe may cost approximately $800 to $1000 in India.

Added to the single dental implant, the crown and abutment will also worth over $500 and $3000 on average. Additional procedures such as X-Rays, CT Scan, Extraction etc. may also have the costs of $5000 to $10000. A full series of implants embedded with upper and lower dentures may cost approximately $20000 to $90000, comparing with far lower prices offered in India. Overall treatment options may also vary according to an extent of damage to teeth, gums, jaw bone and adjoining area.

Bhavna Dental Clinic is located in Ahmedabad, one of the Metro Cities of India. We are the world-class infrastructure, offering the most practiced clinical expertise through dental treatments to our local and foreign clients. Our team is successfully run with our caring dental surgeons’ years of expertise and industry exposure with optimum dental solutions.
State-of-The-Art Dental Services
Our dental treatments comprise dental implants, root canal surgery, cosmetic dentistry etc. Flap surgery, teeth bracing, teeth whitening, metal denture, wisdom teeth removal, jaw fracture treatment are also the most in-demand options. The dental services offered by us are technically well skilled and competitive in rates.
Highly Experienced Staff
Our clinical staff is at very ease in providing the most convenient and effective dental services to our patients. Their medical skills and courteous patient attendance is largely appreciable.
Patient Safety
Our clinical care is well versed with adequate sterilization, ultra-modern equipments of international guidelines. Patients’ safety is hugely practiced with necessary practices.
Convenient Consultation
No matter where you are from. Our contact details enable you to consult us easily. Our conversation can greatly be focused on your core problem, and accordingly we can go with possible treatment option. Any sort of your doubt or query is largely convened with solutions provided at the finest practice. Suitably, we can further fix out an appointment as quick as possible, and considering the urgency of your dental problems, we can later plan out the treatments needed by you.
Advanced Dentistry
Our dental expertise always rests within inventions and advancements of dentistry. We make sure we are well prepared with industry news and the latest techniques and treatments introduced. We always seek for the modern prostheses, instruments and other means. We are extremely dedicated to educating ourselves with proper skills and practical experience. Our global visits have also made us much knowledgeable through dental updates and insights. We offer esthetically better dental results with the most increased teeth longevity.

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