Mobile Teeth Treatment

Mobile Tooth is nothing but the shaky tooth. Teeth can be mobile due to a variety of reasons.
  1. 1. Periodontal disease (gum disease): teeth are held in place by healthy bone support around its root. Gum disease destroys this bone support and make it loose. This is the number one cause for teeth shakiness.
  2. 2. Injury to teeth: usually injury result in temporary teeth mobility which resolves after its treatment.
  3. 3. Pregnancy or hormonal problems: sometimes lead to generalized increased teeth mobility.
  4. 4. Tumors or bone destructive disorder: usually rare, but when affects can lead to mobile teeth, which requires tooth removal.
Your moving teeth may not need to be removed. Loose teeth can often be stabilized by splinting the teeth together with fiber or wire reinforcement. To join few or more tooth together to prevent mobility of shaky tooth, Splinting is used. Splinting can be done before or after after Periodontal Treatment depending upon the situation. Splinting facilitates a dental care both at the practice and at home. It also gives you the confidence of having a firm disease-free teeth in mouth.
Esthetic Solution for Teeth Mobility (Tooth Colored Splint):
We, at Bhavna Dental Clinic, understand the patients’ concern for esthetics and that’s why we are providing teeth colored splinting solution for the patients. Teeth can be esthetically splinted using modern fibers that are bonded to mobile teeth using adhesives and that generally last very long. The fiber splint is tooth colored and feels natural. Procedure for fiber splinting is illustrated here.
Mobile Teeth
Fiber splint is glued to the teeth
After finishing, it is hard to distinguish